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Portrait of Basho by Bushon       The Mindfulness Practice Group of Annapolis meets year round every Sunday & Thursday except for Thanksgiving and, in 2016, Christmas day. Every Thursday session is 7:00-8:30 PM in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, 333 Dubois Rd., & every Sunday is 8:30-9:30 AM in the Emerson Room of the Fahs House, behind the main church building. Only highlights of our fall programming are noted below. In each of these cases our regular session in the Emerson Room is paired with a special event in Middle Hour, between the two services at UUCA.

Three haiku Sundays with Bob Ertman

      You need not attend all sessions. Please bring & keep notebook for observing. Haiku are deceptively simple little poems full of all the meaning present in each moment. Still, all of us can write haiku. The conventions call for spareness; the use of simple, every-day language; no figures of speech; no explanations; no rhymes. The hard part is being aware of the moment.

      ☸ Sunday Sept. 5: 8:30 AM Emerson Rm. Breath Opens to the Present Moment
         10:10 AM-11:10 Haiku Opens to Observation of the Present Moment

      ☸ Sunday Oct. 9: 8:30 AM Emerson Rm. Meditation & Observing in the Present Moment
        10:10 AM-11:10 Walking & Seeing in the Present Moment for Haiku

      ☸ Sunday Oct. 23: 8:30 AM Emerson Rm. Five Remembrances of Death & Loss
        10:10 AM-11:10 Reading Haiku & Communicating Moments

Death Cafe Logo

      ☸ Sun. Oct. 30: 8:30-9:30 AM Emerson Rm: Meditation & Hungry Ghost Ceremony
         10:10-11:10 AM Death Café: “We Eat Cake & Speak of Death.”

You may attend either event without the other. Annapolis Death Café is fully authorized by DeathCafeInt.

Enso by Hakuin, 1686 - 1768

What is Zen? with Bob Ertman                          

      ☸ Sun. Nov. 27: 8:30-9:30 AM, Emerson Rm. Guided Meditation & Jesus & Zen With Bob Ertman
        10:10-11:10 AM What is Zen? Also With Sensei Bob Ertman

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