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In October, the Mindfulness Practice Group will offer some special seasonal programs to commemorate loss, separation, and death. Thursday programs are 7:00-8:30 PM in the sanctuary with silent meditation, a program, discussion. Sundays for Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation are 8:30-9:30 AM in the Emerson Room of the Fahs House with guided meditation, short comments, discussion.

      ☸  Sunday, Oct. 22: Sensei Bob Ertman leads guided meditation on the Five Remembrances, practicing with death, loss, and separation.
      ☸  Thursday, Oct 26: Following silent meditation we will have our annual group reading in different voices of Ikkyu's Zen poem "Skeletons". It's hilarious, macabre, and hard core Zen.
      ☸  Sunday, Oct. 29: Hungry Ghost Ceremony with meditation, a rare chance to meet our Practice Book on a Sunday. For Thich Nhat Hanh, Hungry Ghosts are not separate from us. They are things which haunt us, things we did, or things done to us, or artifacts of our society. It is the opposite of an exorcism. We never try to expel them but to invite them in to offer them rest & peace. The ceremony incorporates meditation. Bring a memento which may evoke your hungry ghost & place it on an altar at the front of the room, if you like.
      ☸  Special event Sunday, Oct. 29, 10:10-11:10 AM at UUCA following the Hungry Ghosts ceremony: Annapolis Death Café X! “We eat cake & speak of death.” The objective of the International death café movement is to create a safe space in which people may share their hopes, beliefs, fears, and wonderment surrounding death. Conversation is moderated so that no one can try to convert anyone else from their views & all have space to speak.
      ☸  Thursday, Nov. 2: We observe All Souls Day with sitting meditation and meditative walking with or for someone.
Detail from the Hungry Ghost Scroll, Questions? Email us here.

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